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Wagyu meat cutters focused on professionalism and animal welfare

Skills passed down over generations

Akune Gold has many highly skilled craftspeople that make our production possible. Aside from rearing cattle on production farms, one of the most important positions in the post-production world is that of Wagyu meat cutter. Wagyu meat cutters have a refined degree of technical expertise in their field, and through an external evaluation exam, only individuals with exceptional qualifications can become honorary meat cutter “meisters” committed to passing their skills on to the next generation. 

Respect for animal life

With deep experience and a very skilled hand in breaking down primal cuts into a variety of smaller cuts for retail with exact precision, meat cutters have a deep sense of humility and passion for the world of Wagyu beef. For a Wagyu meat cutter, any level of mistakenly cutting Wagyu beef to improper standards or unideal appearance would be considered “Killing the animal twice.”

In creating high quality Akune Gold products, Wagyu meat cutters take pride in respecting the life of Wagyu cattle given to them and turning it into the best Wagyu beef product possible. Akune Gold has high standards in processing each head of cattle, including deboning and cut shaping. We’re dedicated to respecting the life of each animal by producing Wagyu beef to the precise specifications and appearance our valued customers expect.

From Akune City to the world

Akune Gold Wagyu meat cutters are proud that our Wagyu products are exported from Akune City in rural Kagoshima Prefecture across the globe. As evidence of our proven track record, the Akune Plant is the only facility in Japan capable of exporting to the EU. We maintain a high-level hygiene management system, including SQF regulations, and our meat cutters are committed to these efforts. Alongside high-level global sanitation standards across the entire Akune Plant, every individual works to ensure that high-quality Akune Gold products are delivered to our customers worldwide.